How Can We Help?

We are here throughout the year, ready willing and able to help with community events or to provide services such as those described or illustrated below. Please contact us at any time to let us know how we can be of assistance.

Community Events

We provide the off street parking at the Navan Fair (thanks to generous local businesses for the use of their parking spaces) and assisted the Original Navan Market with sanitation and crowd control services during the Covid restrictions period.

Delicious BBQ Catering

We can serve fresh cooked burgers, hot dogs and maybe a side of popcorn. Our Barbecue is renowned for serving large numbers of participants rapidly and it has been our pleasure to serve our local schools, Fall Fest, the Bradley Cup and some private gatherings.

Fresh Popcorn Delights

You can use our popcorn machine to add delicious fresh popcorn to any event for a suitable donation.

Tables and Chairs

Need seating or tables for your event? The Lions Club has 38 (96” X 30”) wooden tables and 185 plastic stacking lawn chairs that it is willing to rent out for personal or community events. For personal use the tables are available for $3.00 each for up to a week and the chairs for $1.00 each for up to a week. Special deals can be made if you are using them all or they will be used for community charitable events.

Supporting Health and Mobility

Navan Lions Club provides a variety of mobility assistance devices to help those in need. From wheelchairs to walkers to crutches, we are here to support your health.

Handmade for You

Can we make something for you? We are offering wooden planter boxes, nesting boxes for birds and bird feeders. In addition we can make bee hotels to support the Mason Bees that do such a great job pollinating your garden. We also have “Totes for all Reasons” available now and a large variety of customised hand-knitted items such as the magnificent NAVAN hats shown. These hats must be the best bargain around at only $10.

All Lions Clubs exist to serve. That’s what we do. We are happy to help.